Teddy Bears … Doing Something For Children

2007 is another beginning. Tomorrow; going right into the 11th. day of the new year, there is a sense of a few substantial projects that I have neither done nor achieved. One of the best decisions in 2006 that I made was to get myself started on the path to understand the world of internet. I had that desire for several years but did not start on any action plan. In November last year, I decided to embark towards that goal of acquiring more knowledge towards that field. I attended a workshop and the rest is history.

Since then, I have by each passing day, learned and understand the world of internet marketing, blogs, SEO, keywords and so many new terms and jargons. I even invested in a new Mac to prepare myself for all the memorable and exciting moments to come. I must say that the journey since November has been a wonderful ride and experience. Most important of all, I have 2 positive outcomes.

I met some new friends.

Secondly, I have certainly drove myself down the path of setting up a website that I am going launch in a few more days. And I wish the world at large would participate with me as well.


Yes!! Indeed this is literally a website for teddy bears. Hand-made, no two exactly alike, teddy bears. This is going to be a website with a mission. Teddy bears are going to be mascots for the website. They are going to stand for creating moments and magic for children. Those children needing care, attention, love, food and most of all, to be given a simple chance to survive. As a start, 100teddybear.com is dedicated to granting wishes of web page-listed orphaned children without the grace and fortune of ever receiving the joy of having teddy bears in their lives. 100teddybear.com can make it possible for visitors to the website to provide teddy bears for many of such children. I only wish the website could have made it for last Christmas!! Well, Valentine’s Day is approaching.

There are many children who do not even have much of a chance to survive when they come to this world. 20% of sales revenue from the website will be specially dedicated to provide food and medicines for the cause of such hungry children in parts of the world where this contribution would matter most. One day I am sure the website will be able to give more than this 20%, and play a much large role than it is capable of at this infancy stage.

2007 is the start of Mission : Teddy Bear. It is not going to just end here.

2007 is going to be a fantastic year. A year, and surely many more to come, that I desire to see hopeful beginnings for children needing care. And 100teddybear.com is fortunate to plan to play a capable part in it.


  1. In search of the divine

    musings on the moon

    meditations on the nth root of unity

    Peace and blessings for the New Year.

    PSS…Look it this way. Each word is a pebble.

    In fact, each image, thought, idea is a pebble.

    Oddly enough, only one pebble, the right one

    will make the ever widening ripples that not only

    make the water dance

    but, moreover,

    plumb hereto fore untold depths

    from the heart to the soul and beyond.

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