A Good Sense Of Personal Accomplishment

Thanks for visiting my Blog. You must have guessed. My name is Franco Yong.

I have meant to publish a blog for about 2 years and now I have done it. Not need to regret as what is important is what I do for the time ahead. I have created 2 blog-sites. One being this. Another is about teddy bears that I have started 2 days ago and I have even managed to add AdSense to it today. I am so happy. Indeed, what a beginning for 2007!!

That’s not all, in a few days, I am going to be uploading a new website. I have dedicated that site to all the children of the world.

From NOW onwards, I am going to launch myself right into the space of blogging and e-business. And I am serious and being me, I don’t ever give up. I am going to stay in the sphere for a long long time. And make a wave or two during the journey.

I hope you will come by regularly to visit and share with me, like I do, about Mind, Body, Spirit And Absolutely Everything Under The Sun.

Till the my next publication …



  1. bokjae

    our leader of the ‘friendly pack’ congrats to you and will look forward to reading your mind!!!!

  2. bokjae

    Hi franco, just to let you know that you have been tagged! goto http://jangbokjae.blogspot.com

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