"I love you so"

Just sitting down and thinking of Valentine’s Day. It’s going to be another year. Yes, another year indeed. What has the past 350 odd days being like? How much have love and romance played a significant part in those days passed? For many, a little portion has meant an appreciate whole lot. To some, they might not have enough of love and romance. Yet to many unfortunate and lonely ones, they have not even received an ounce of love at all.

However, the most important question is not how much love one has received. It’s how much have we given? And without expectation of any love being returned.

Think of our mums and dads. The love they have given can’t be bought and at times with deep sacrifice and selflessly. Their love are absolutely priceless. However, when they gave us their love, they didn’t expect any in return and money in return. Their love are unconditional. We really should reciprocate; return our love with even greater measures, and most of all, with utmost respect and filial piety.

It is unfortunate that there are many peopel who differ in their actions. Valentine’s Day is a time of the year to ponder and act. A good time to be reminded and to remember that one’s existence is owed to one’s parents. No matter at which or what position one’s life is currently at, this is always the time to reflect and show gratitude and ask forgiveness.

Valentine’s Day is the time to say “I love you so” and “I am so sorry, forgive me”.


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