How True – The Brain Is The Color Palette To Our Spirit /Soul

Think about the following sayings.

The old proverb put it this way: “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” The Roman philosopher Marcus Aurelius put this yet another way:

“As thy thoughts are so will thy mind be also; for the soul takes its coloring from thought.”

“If you are pained by an external thing, it is not this thing that disturbs you―but your judgment about it.” (The Meditations, 160 AD).


  1. dorischua

    Wow.. quite ‘chim’ hor but I do agree that the mind is key to the wellness. Just want to tell you that I tagged you:

  2. bokjae

    what a coincidence! as doris tagged you, I too tagged you differently! Good Statements but I want to add this, Jesus said “Out of the abundance of your heart the mouth speaketh”. The mind is part of the soul but the heart determines everything!

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