Hypnosis – Nothing To Fear


It is now just half an hour to midnight. I thought it would be good to just take a few minutes to write this down before the end of today. And I will carry on with the second chapter tomorrow or the day after.

This must be very easily the most misunderstood word in the English Speaking World. Wait a minute. That might not be true. It could be 99% of the world population who have heard about the word “Hypnosis”. And they have all got it so wrong.

Why is it such a misconstrued word? No thanks to the movies and Hollywood, we get our current perception of what Hypnosis is. In reality it is just not what the movies made it out to be.

That’s all for now folks … more to come on the subject.



  1. So true! There is such a huge misconception about hypnosis it’s unbelieveable. Hypnosis can be so helpful and can change peoples lives, it’s not just used to make people look silly and things like that.

    Great article 🙂

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