My Entry Into Blogging And eBusiness

A Good Sense Of Personal Accomplishment

Thanks for visiting my Blog. You must have guessed. My name is Franco Yong.

I have meant to publish a blog for about 2 years and now I have done it. Not need to regret as what is important is what I do for the time ahead. That was in January 16, 2007. Now I have created 5 blog-sites with Blogger. I am so happy. Indeed, what a beginning for 2007!!

Today I have started with WordPress. I am going to have this blog and another one that I will begin with soon.

That’s not all. On January 20, 2007, I launched my website for teddy bears. I have dedicated that site to all the children of the world.

From that moment on January 16 onwards, I am going to launch myself right into the space of blogging and e-business. And I am serious and being me, I don’t ever give up. I am going to stay in cybersphere for a long long time. And make a wave or two during the journey. I am going to enjoy the adventures.

I hope you will come by regularly to visit my blogs and share with me, like I do, about Mind, Body, Spirit And Fluttering Thoughts and eBizUniversity – the world of eBusiness and Bloggings. Till the my next publication …



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