Melinda Dolittle

I can’t resist this. I wished to share my thought about Melinda Dolittle.

Just a mere 2 hours ago, Melinda has not been successfully voted into the final round. Just look at her – how well she had reacted to the decision that Americans made. She took it so sweetly. She has all along took comments, criticisms, comments and all that came along so well. Melinda is such a balanced person. Great attitude and being able to accept what may come along. She knows that this is not the end. Just another step into a great beginning for her.

I truly admire her. To me, she is already a champion – without the need to win the America Idol.

Congratulations to her parents, grandparents and everyone she is connected with. She was brought up so well. The wonderful thing about Melinda is that she is so so sweet natured. She is very humble over the heaps of praises generous showered on her.

Finally, congratulations to you, Melinda!! You’re going to be very famous. And yet humble with your future great achievements.

Melinda is an exemplary well-balanced body, mind and spirit…Melinda will remain sweet and true to herself.


  1. bokjae

    Hi franco, I tagged you today!

  2. Franco

    Bok Jae..thanks so much for tagging me. You’re just wonderful. A fabulous friend.



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