Morgan has provided me an insight into her perspective of what FEAR is really all about. She went through a very challenging journey that not many of us have experienced. Many would have given up for good. She conquered her previous perception of fear. She has a new meaning that gurus should adopt. Morgan just recently shared the FEAR she went through and what she thought of it then and what she thinks of it now. She wrote so eloquently. She indeed has style!! Morgan. Over to you.


  1. Mighty Morgan

    Thank so much franco…but I do need to add that i had forgotten about the False Expectations Appearing Real acronym…just goes to prove how each and every person on this planet plays a role for another….we are each others eyes and ears..what I may miss you may hear. Thank you as always for your continued support and encouragement. I hate to do this here but what the hay…I just got involed in some viral tactic..it may help increase your own traffic and rank so check out my post and see if it something that can help you as well.

  2. Franco

    You’re right, Morgan. That’s what friends are for. Giving when time calls for it and not expecting anything in return. I’m glad to have come across you from so far away. I’ll enjoy this connection.

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