Awesome Guy Blogger Award

In July, Kim has given my an award. Thanks so very much, Kim. You’re awesome.

Just imagine a friend such as Kim…a friend whom I’ve yet to meet. Yet if felt that I’ve know Kim for years. It has only been just a few months.

There are 5 others whom I got to know on the blogosphere. Strange how things work in mysteriously ways. Friends miles apart in foreign lands whom we’ve yet to meet. Maybe one day. Soon or later. When time is right.

I’d recommend that if you’d not yet visited Kim’s blog, do visit it. She has great postings there that she shared. Click on this LINK.

Awesome Guy Blogger Awards


  1. Kim

    Thank you for your very kind comments Franco….it has been such a pleasure to meet you 🙂
    …..your friend Kim…..

  2. Franco

    Thanks Kim for being a wonderful friend. You’re the best.

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