Finding Life’s Enchantments: Finding Serenity

Amongst every chaos there is an order of things. Look for it and you’ll find a pattern. Believe it!! (If you wish to know more about Chaos read the Theory Of Chaos by James Gleik. A very interesting book). When we are faced with challenges and concerns, never hide, run away or bolt. Slow down, pause for a moment. Go, gravitate deep inside us. We’ll certainly find a shelter, a calm and peace within us. On a daily basis, build that serene home bit by bit and reside it in our mind, body and spirit. When we need it, we have a true home to go back to rest and relax. Meditation, yoga, pranayama and cleansing give us that home for well-being. I’ve found a link and she explained it well. Visit her blog at the LINK below. Titania. Thanks for sharing.Serenity


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