Thanks a million, Morgan.


This is an award bestowed by Morgan for me probably 3 weeks ago. I am not very good with posting my awards as they come. However, I’ve always immediately sent my gratitude and thanks to each one of my friends who gave them to me.

This next award is from Jang Bok Jae. He gave me a surprise just a few minutes ago saying that he has given me one. This time I’m making it a point to post it up almost as quickly as I can. Thanks…Jang Bok Jae!!


I know these awards mean a great deal. And they represent splendid friendship, generous effort of sharing, care for others, and most of all, a connection that has enormously value and support for me, personnally. A connection of Mind and Spirit.


These awards are absolutely priceless.


Thank you!!


Footnote – If you haven’t visited Morgan’s or Jang Bok Jae’s blogs, I recommend that you drop over at theirs now.


  1. Hi there… I gave one Inspiring Great Blog Award 2007 in 1 Million Love Messages 🙂

    You can grab it here:

    Have a Happy 2008

  2. Congratulations. I want to tell you that you have another award which is can be picked up from my blog.

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