Yoga And You

Workshop session with Swami Yogananda – 3rd to 6th Feb. 2008
(A 99-year old yogi from the Himalayas)

For general health perform the following asanas daily:

1 All the asanas for the joints

2 The following asanas:

a) Lying down with the arms stretched up, above the head, raise the left leg a few times, then the right leg followed by both legs.

b) Boat Pose (raise the arms, legs and body balancing only on the buttocks)

c) Lying down with the arms stretched by the sides (T-Shape), lift and stretch the right leg to the left hand and lock with the thumb and index finger, then the other side and both legs together.

d) Sleeping Abdominal Stretch Pose – bend the knees and place arms in T Shape.
– Bend the knees to the left and head to the right and repeat on the other side.
– Soles 1 ½ feet apart and perform as above.
– Cross legs and perform as above
– Right foot on left knee, perform as above, then on the other side.

Some Natural Remedies for Common Health Problems –

1 To cure Depression –

Take Vegetarian food or easily digestible food, stay with good company of
friends/family, exercise regularly, have a change of Environment (go for a holiday
or do something out of routine).

2 To cure burning sensation on the soles, sides of the body and arms –

Pitta is high – take simple vegetarian food (non spicy), cold milk, cold bath and oil

3 To cure Diebeties –

a. Swami said if, Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half Spinal Twist) is performed for 15
minutes on each side, the patient can eat 1kg of sweet and if performed for 5
minutes on each side, balances the sugar levels.

b. Soak 100 gms of Fenugreek powder in a glass of water overnight and drink it in the
morning OR

c. Mix 100 gms of Fenugreek powder with atta and make 1 chappati and eat daily

4 To stop hair dropping and graying –

Mix 200 ml coconut oil with 100ml lemon juice and apply on the head twice daily.

5 To improve brain cells & eyesight (and stop using spectacles) –

a. Blend ½ kg of Jintan Manis, ½ kg of Almond, ½ kg of rock sugar together and
take 2 table spoons with 1 glass of fresh milk/soya bean milk/water every morning

b. Rub some mustard oil on the toes and in between the toes of the feet about 20 to
30 minutes before bathing every morning.

c. Rub some oil (can be any oil but preferably mustard) on the soles of the feet,
below the big toes for 5 minutes on each side daily.

6 For General Health and to prevent any illness –

According to your age, take that many fenugreek seeds and soak in a glass of water
overnight. In the morning, drink the water and chew the soft seeds.

7 To cure Sinus Problem –

Perform jala neti and/or sutra neti

8 To cure Migraine Problem –

Eat pure Indian Ghee ‘Jelabis or put 2 drops of mustard oil in each ear daily until
the problem is cured.

9 To cure skin allergies –

Drink 2 glasses of (white) pear juice in the night. It will give you loose motions in
the morning which will clear out the skin allergies.

10 To cure Ringing Ears Problem –

Deep fry 4 to 5 cloves of garlic in mustard oil till dark brown. Remove the garlic
cloves, cool the oil and store it in a bottle. Put 2 drops of this oil in each ear daily
till the problem is cured.

11 If your sleep is disturbed by a bad cough at night –

Place a small piece of raw ginger or turmeric in your mouth and go to sleep.

12 To cure Asthma –

Drink only warm water and eat 1 carrot every morning for 1 month.

13 To reduce Weight –

Only drink warm water and only eat fruits.

14 Swami Yogananda’s daily breakfast (remedy for long and healthy life) –

a. Soak 4 table spoons of whole wheat & 1 table spoon of fenugreek seeds in a glass
of water overnight. In the morning, drink only the water with 100gms of ginger
powder, 100 ml of honey and 100 ml of lemon juice mixed together. Keep the
seeds wrapped in a piece of cloth to sprout for next day’s breakfast.

b. Mix the sprouted ingredients (whole wheat & fenugreek seeds) with 5 or 6 almonds
and 5 or 6 dates, mince into a paste and have it for breakfast daily.

Other advise given throughout the workshop –


a. When taking a short nap during the day, sleep on the Right side
b. When retiring for the day at night, sleep on the Left side.
(no one asked why!)

2. Changing the flow of breath from 1 nostril to the other –

To activate the right nostril:-
a. Sit comfortably and place the right palm under the left armpit

b. Lie down straight looking up and perform 8 rounds of Kapalabhati pranayam,
then turn to the right, perform 16 rounds of Kapalabhati pranayam and turn to
the left to perform 32 rounds of Kapalabhati pranayam.

(to activate the left nostril do the above on reverse side)

3. To live a healthy life –

a. Avoid tea, sugar and cold drinks
b. Take only warm water
c. Take 1 glass of warm water ½ hour before meals and another glass of warm
water 1 hour after meals.


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