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Christina said –

2.Franco Yong at Misson Teddy Bear his mission is to give Teddy Bears to kids in need, never having love & for the sick and needy kids that will bring smiles to their faces. this is truly a charitable act. Franco speaks of love & giving Francos motto: “We must be fully responsible for all the decisions we take. Mind, Body And Spirit”
Franco The Charity blogger award

The Charity Blogger Award For those who use blogging to help others and to raise awareness of those in need. Those who post missing persons posters, charity links, or who are involved in fund raising campaigns, or who make posts about charitable causes. Those who care enough to help others deserve this award.

Here’s my take.

There’re good people all over the world. They’re all around us. It’s because they’re good people, they don’t go around making themselves noticed. One person is Christina. Today, Christina has indeed made my day. She has given an award to me. By doing so she has inspired me to further my cause of wanting to make a good difference in those lives that might not even get a chance to live through another day. The hungry, the starving and those who need vitamins, medicine would just need USD 1.00 a day per person to have that difference from being alive. If only each of the billions of us on this planet could just give USD 1.00 a year, just imagine how profound a transformation that would make to their lives and those connected to them?

Christina. I say “a BIG thank you” to you. You’ve inspired me to go for another mile and another and another. Thank You!!