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What is our world becoming today? I remember back 30 years ago in my country, Malaysia, the temperature in the towns are much much cooler. Water can be drank off the taps and water tasted so refreshingly cool and good then. Years after, when small towns became bigger towns and bigger towns became cities, more forest disappeared, trees are lesser to be found. More roads and highways have been built. “Industrialization” stands for development, progress and better lifestyle. Is that so? Think deeply. Are gaseous emission and chemical discharge contribute to the contamination, pollution of the air, water, and almost everything else we need breathe, drink, eat, touch, enjoy worth sacrificing in the name of such so called “development”? Oceans that we depend on so much for food are being contaminated with oil discharge from tankers, poisoned rivers leading into the sea, carelessness and totally disregard in the name of profits to shareholders. Diseases seem to be increasing and uncontrollable. Our environment has becoming increasingly unsafe, sick and depressed contributing to environmental, health and safety risks.

Is this just happening only in Malaysia? No, I don’t think so at all. Generally, the entire surface of our Mother Earth is moving towards dilapidation, warmer climate, trees being cut down unethically, animals driven from their homes and having less of their own territories, ice-caps melting away, slowly but surely. Give it another 50 years, who is going take the blunt of all our abusive behavior and wrong-doings? Yes, indeed our future generations, our children, our children’s children are all going to be faced with the abuses we batter on our Mother Earth with.

US A’s ex-president, Al Gore, has start a movement and a documentary has just been produced. More certainly has to be done and fortunately, there are organizations that have been promoting a better future for our eenvironment, health and safety (EHS).

One such organization that started up in 1998 is striving to creating a better tomorrow for all of us living today and the future by working and helping corporations to implemented transformation in managing EHS compliance and voluntary programs. This company is EDGS (Environment Data Solutions Group). EDSG has unrivaled experience in leveraging technology to support sustainable EHS solutions. With offices located in California, Pennsylvania and Texas, EDSG has extensive experience across a wide variety of industries in North America and worldwide. EDSG has an impressive list of clients; “raving” clients as EDSG names them.

It is an excellent corporate taking EHS seriously and helping its customers to tackle such issues that are so importantly for keep environment, health and safety impacts relevant to individuals and corporations to fight against the deteriorating conditions of the living atmosphere and practices that we led our lives and leaving a legacy for our future children to enjoy. EDSG assists organizations to comply and maintain environmental law and concerns. If only increasingly more corporations, big and small, recognize the importance of the EHS issues and employ EDSG to help them address their EHS concerns and compliance, our planet would be so much more healthier and safe to live in. EDSC provides integrated information technology innovations to optimize Environmental, Health and Safety performance for companies.

EDSG’s innovative efforts in providing softwares including Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Software and waste management software in resolving EHS impact is truly is a commendable one. It is hope that in time to come, much more companies, manufacturers and industries will adopt conscientious programs such as those solutions promoted by EDSG to nurse our Mother Earth hack into a healthy and safe state for everyone to enjoy.

I hope all governments and companies across the span of the world would work together very quickly before it becomes too late for anyone of us to be able to do anything at all. Let’s transform out behavior and habits into positive ones to better the health of the place that we depend so much for our daily and future lives.

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