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It was this recent Sunday. I read an interesting article written by Dr. Amir Farid Isahak. I would like to share that with you.

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Check out page SF11

“The one who cheats and hurts others for his or her own gain or boasts to boost his ego or does things to satisfy his or her desires regardless of consequences has his or her Self being in charge.

Often he or she fluctuates between the pros and cons of proceeding with the decision or deed, but in the end his or her desires prevail. The Mind (conscious mind) is in control when correct decisions based on knowledge, understanding and logical thinking are made to give beneficial outcomes. But this is often limited by ignorance and low intelligence (low IQ), even though the intentions are good.

The Spirit is in charge when decisions and actions are marked by wisdom, which is a result of knowledge, understanding, and most importantly, Divine guidance. Some spiritual decisions and actions may seem incongruous at first, but the wisdom of such decisions and actions will become evident later.

Often, spiritual actions do not require any logical thinking. When someone needs help, the Spirit person helps unconditionally; the Mind person considers whether he or she should or shouldn’t help, especially if there are possible legal implications; and the Self person will think of ways to take advantage of the situation for his or her own benefit only, even if it means hurting that person more.”

Just thought some of you might find this inspiring.