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How does my head work? – I don’t know,
Why the fears? – ones I can’t show
Things I’m scared of but nobody sees,
Perhaps they can, still can’t help me.

Afraid of nothing, that’s how I live,
Except at times I get what I give.
It’s certainly not deserved just yet,
Why the constant fear? – it seems so set.

Nothing changes, but does all the time,
My life full of retribution and crime.
Love they say will conquer all,
Can it be the solution? – it’s not my call.

Living on hope is so unstable,
Fairy tale life, yet another fable.
Without my music to guide me through,
I’d be with Angels standing in a queue.

What is an ordinary day?
Please let me know, I intend to stay.
Not to be burdened with difficult tasks.
Nobody gets anywhere if nobody asks.

Somebody tell me, whisper into my ear,
Then I can stop ciggies and drinking beer.
I know the answer is out there somewhere,
To stop the fears I need someone who cares.

By Allison M

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