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“There is no failure, only outcome / feedback”.

This is one of many presuppositions of NLP. A “presupposition” is a generalization of an occurrence of an event that hold true universally most of the time.

If each of us embark on a mindset applying this presupposition, we are better prepared for the journey ahead. There are a number of us who prior to even commencing on a journey are afraid of failure. However, if we are prepared to tell ourselves that failure never exist and that there is only progress of an outcome and a feedback of where we have reached, we will view the perspective of the journey differently.

If we reach for Pluto, and if the journey only take us to Jupiter, never frat. That outcome didn’t mean we have failed. We are more than half way across the universe. Let’s learn from that journey and what we did that was inadequate for us not being able to reached our destination. Persevere and positively know the outcome and the feedback and eventually, we will reach Pluto.

This is one “presupposition” that we need to take along with us. Our lives are dotted with journeys of various sorts. We must be prepared to have a mindset that we can never fail but have just made progress and continue to make the progress. And destination is a never-ending journey as when we reach one, there is another waiting for us.