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Greed And Fear

Greed and Fear


The two most powerful emotions that we have, I believe

Every decision we make revolves around a tug-of-war between the two emotions.

Fear is a very transient emotion though. Most of us get desensitized by fear.

Greed is always there. By nature, we want more of whatever we have — money, knowledge, power and happiness. So greed would always rear its head first when you are making any decision. Fear is something that comes up because we have something to lose possibly when we make the decision driven by greed.

Why do people make decisions that are definitely going to get them into trouble?

Why doesn’t fear prevent them from committing blunders that could destroy them?

Fear as I said is very tricky and it is very transient. Unless it is imminent and immediate, our minds ignore it. Fear is a short-term problem unless you suffer from paranoia.

The funny thing about fear is, if you keep ignoring it, you will be so desensitized that you will feel less and less fear and eventually no fear at all.

That my friends, is when you are in real trouble.

An example would be of a kid shop lifting and not getting caught. Every time he or she repeats that act, it is desensitizing him or her and he or she has less and less fear of doing what he or she is doing. He or she then ventures into riskier ventures like robbing a house (Greed on the rise) and then robbing a bank

Fear also is not present in people who have nothing to lose. The only thing that motivates people who have nothing to lose is greed. Again greed can be greed of having a better life after you die (Ala suicide bomber)

Good marketers always keep feeding your greed and allay all your fears. They do it in their sales pitch, oral, written or pictorial.

For most people, except for a few enlightened human beings who know how to control their greed, fear is a good thing to have.

My advice to everyone — do not ignore your fear.

Keep it alive to make sure greed does not eat you alive.