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Now…what exactly is hypnosis?


When someone is under hypnosis, one is really in a heightened state of relaxation. Yes, the person is awake-totally!! The person is absolutely and fully aware of everything that is going on around him or her. While he or she is in an extremely relaxed state, each single sound and word is extraordinary clear and bright. The person, being able to enter into such a relaxed condition, is very calm and acceptable to positive and beneficial suggestions that he or she are willing to receive. He or she can reject any suggestion that will do harm without hesitation.

Using metaphors under hypnosis can be very therapeutic for the person. Hypnotherapists, psychologists, NLP practitioners, therapists use storying telling in their work. Metaphors are able to bypass the critical faculty and work on the unconscious mind to rid of limiting beliefs, pain, negative emotions, anger, sadness and guilt, just to mention a few. A person is not restrained from limitations and thus, is able to do the things that he or she is not normally uncapable.

Pain control and body catalepsy are just two fine examples that anyone can enter into and either feel no pain or stiffening of the entire body to enable the body to be placed between two chairs with the eyes open respectively. A person suffering from Parkinson’s disease can walk straight under hypnosis while maintaining full consciousness of what is going on around he or her.

The moral of the message is that while we are in a complete relaxed state, we can so internalized that we can achieve feats that are normally impossible. To achieve body, mind and spirit balancing, it is undoubtedly imperative that we must constantly be relaxed and not get out of control. When we react, we are externalizing our feelings and that could cause harm onto ourselves, not to mention hurting others.

Yoga in the form of pranayama (breathing) calms the mind. Self-hypnosis can do wonders. Meditation is a form of self-hypnosis. Meditation is a heightened conscious state; and in going into a state “BEING” (internalization) one begins to realize the unmanifest sphere around us.

Next post will be “Metaphors” and more posts on NLP and Hypnosis in days ahead.