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I received this from my fellow member of IACT. Take a look at how she healed someone who were having continuous hiccups for 37 days. Just a visit to her stop the hiccups.

Debbie Lane wrote –

Hi group,

I thought I might share with you the wonderful opportunity I have had
to promote hypnosis. Perhaps you recall the young lady who had the
hiccups for 37 days. Well she came to my office hiccuping non-stop
and loud! She left hiccup free!

The interview with Channel 8 is at this link:

click on hiccup cures in their video screen. Otherwise, just view video below at the end of this page.

The St.Petersburg Times has an article as well, if you go to my web
page and click on the link, After 37 days of hiccuping.

Here’s to hypnosis!

Debbie Lane