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I have meant to post this writing up a few weeks ago and I did not get down to doing so. Reason was merely that I was not inspired to do it yet!! Now I reckoned would be the right time. heehee.

Each one of us operate on a primary mode of being a visual (sight) person, kinestatic (feeling / emotional), auditory (hearing), or digital auditory (logic).

First of all, “Visual”. A visual person will think “visually”. He would paint a picture in his mind and think of colors before he or she decides to do something or answers a question. To move such a person, we will have to employ words like “think for the colors”, “look at the lyrics of the song”, visualized the applicability of that idea”.

Kinestatic. This person is particularly into feeling most of the time. He or she has to dig deep into his or her feeling to be able to react to a situation or an question. Operative words or phrases would be “feel this richness in the texture”, “touch the surface and you will notice…”, “embrace this idea”.

Auditory. He or she is primarily into using his or her hearing ability more than using imagination or getting into an emotional state to respond. To speak to this person in order for his or her ease of understanding, we will have to use words like “do you hear me?”, “I heard what you are saying”, “that sounds like a great idea”, “I want you to hear me out”.

Digital auditory. This person has to dig very deep into himself or herself for a rational and logical reason. Such a person will most likely be into accountancy, quality assurance and control, research, audit. Words applicable to establish rapport and understanding are “dig deeply into yourself and find me an answer”, “discover the reason that resides in you”, “deep within you, lies the motivation”.

The following video demonstrates how we could discover which category a right-handed person would would fall into. It holds true most of the time. Try it and you will discover the language to getting into rapport and establishing understanding.

Imagine, using the visual words on a child when he or she is auditory. That would not work. In addition, this child if asked to read a book, will not be able to understand what was written fast enough. Give him or her an audio disc and this child will getting into what is being communicated instantly.

Just imagine talking to an artist who is most likely visual and use the auditory digital or auditory words. Rapport is bound for failure.

Many couples could not understand each other because the exchange of the words used were all wrong. Visualize how effective the husband and wife could understand and rightly respond to each other, if they could only know how to use the right words on each other.

Try it. Watch TV and watch the actor’s or actress’ eye movement when certain questions were asked. How our unconscious mind tell the truth about ourselves. Interesting….watch for future thoughts on this subject.

Video – Eye Patterns