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Energies flow where your intention goes.

How true that is. Many of us at one time or another, had some dreams that we gave up on. Or never ever got started. For those occasions, we were never focused enough to direct our energies appropriately to those dreams. Somehow or rather we had the comfort zone to get the better of us. Perhaps, we gave up or gave in too soon. We tried and tried and tried. At a spur of the moment when we need that comfort, we relented and gave up instantly on those dreams. We might be so very close to them. Yet not knowing, we gave in and submitted totally at the very last mile. Sigh!!

Realizing a dream needs action, courage and uncompromising perseverance. We need absolute motivation. Powerful motivation that we need to effortlessly summon within us. Strength. Do or die. That an attitude. We must adopt.

Yes. Finally. We’ve to believe absolutely in ourselves.

If it is to be, it is up to me!!

Only then can all our dreams burn blazing trails. Only then can we make our all dreams come true.