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I love to share one of my buddies’ posting in his blog to you. It’s meaningful and goes to show that love conquers all. Money doesn’t buy everything.

Here’s just a snippet from his blog. For more, do read the rest in his blog filled with other interesting entries.

Ever since I started blogging and learn about the Internet, I am amazed at how many people are earning a living online. I think it is a wonderful thing, to be able to earn a living from home! Before long, one would have heard of some big names in this arena of making money online! I was thrilled by the possibility of earning that much! One would be blind not to noticed the number of visitors they get per day! Obviously many want to emulate their successes. They become the icons of the Internet World and become sought after speakers at all sorts of Symposiums and Conferences. Well and good and I admire their capabilities, intelligence and perseverance.

Listening..Learning..Living: The most successful people! By Jang Bok Jae