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An interesting video on Meditation Practices.


I went into town yesterday morning for one purpose only. To buy a singing bowl. You must be wondering what a singing bowl is. How can a bowl sing? Now I will explain. It is a metal bowl made of 7 different metals including copper, tin, brass, lead, silver. Different bowls sing differently. The song coming out from each bowl also depends on the the metal composition and the amount of each metal used for the bowl. The bigger the bowl, the lower the pitch. The smaller the bowl, the higher the pitch. Don’t be surprised by a plain and simple looking bowl. When struck with its wooden mallet, the bowl sings to you with its own enchanting voice. A hum so melodious and harmonious. These bowls have been used for centuries in religious rituals, meditations, healing, space-cleansing and cleansing of crystals.

Hearing the tones and hums made by the bowl relaxes and so
othes the body and mind. Vibrations sent out are also space-cleansing. To ward of negative dissonant energy and bad vibes, strike the bowl, letting the sounds resonate and travel around the space.

It can also be used for wish-making. Some believe that by placing a piece of paper containing the written wish and let the bowl sing, will amplify that wish.

Sound healing is another modern day’s alternative medicine application. Nostradamus, Pythagoras and Rudolf Steiner have all predicted that soundss will occupy an important place in healing.

The theory? Our entire body is made of vibration. Once something is wrong or when we are ill, the vibrations go out of check. By focusing the healing sounds on the unbalanced parts of the body, the body systems are tuned and restored to a healthy vibration and that individual will get better.

It was certainly a personal experience for me. Not every bowl gave the sang to me. It was that chosen one that I found most comfortable. The one that I chose hums to me with soothing note of Om…I’m set to dance with my singing bowl.

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