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How many of us let each second goes by without being aware of the seconds ticking past?

How many of us needed approval from people around us when we embark something?

How many of us attuned to those around us before we decide to act or not act?

Why is it so that before we act on something, we owe our decisions to others around us?

Are we not capable of making decisions for just us alone?

Why do we have to be so attached to things and people?

Can we just let go of our attachments, feel free, feel liberated?

Is it so difficult to let go of all the negative energies we possess and make room for the positive one to enter our lives?

To make days count, isn’t feeling free the greatest and only reason why we live our lives?

Enjoy life, this is not a rehearsal.

Live each day in the present and make it beautiful.

Heal the Past…Live in the Present…dream for the Future.

We’ve always had strong desire in each one of us to transform; to make changes to our lives. Come the new year, we make resolutions and most of these we’ll find difficult to keep those promises to ourselves.

Why is that so?

Is it because we’re so preciously attached to our comfort zone that we never want to let go; to make room for transformation can take place?

Or is it just because we do things that matter to others and we don’t have space at all for ourselves?

If we keep our baggages, how can we created new space for transformations to occurred.

Morgan is only fine example of how she decided to to let go and Healed her past, to let the Process of Miracles to seep into her life. I admire her greatly for the journey she has taken. By doing so, she has embraced a newly found self. A Present to Live for. Now Dream for your Future, Morgan.

Visit her blog and let me know what do you think…


Happy Valentine’s Day

There are many in a romantic mood today. There are many too who are being loved and cared for. Today may be a very special day for many. To some of us, we expect a gift. However, for millions, it will be especially long and sad. No gifts. Alone. Unloved, uncared for, pinning for their loved ones and trying to get through today as best as they can possibly could.

Today is a day to remember the deprived ones – babies, infants and children, all over the world. Many are separated and left alone by wars, too many left dying with malnutrition and diseases…unattended to and searching for a chance to survive and to live. Many were just unlucky to be in parts of the world where, like it or not, wars, famine, drought, disasters and man-inflicted circumstances have dealt tragic blows to these children of our world’s future. Just imagine how tough living is for these individuals. Living hands-to-mouth every segment of each passing day.

Let’s take this day to do something for these babies, infants and children of all ages from various parts of the world. Let’s offer hope, love and care in whichever way possible. Those of us who are able to read this are in a tremendously fortunate situation. Take a moment to spare a thought and provide a helping hand. These gestures that would make our world a better and more meaningful one for our children and all who share this mother earth; giving a beam of ray of light in pitch darkness during every moment of their lives and struggles. All they need is a chance to begin to live.

“If it is to be, it is up to me”.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. May there be abundant love all around.