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I would like to put my thoughts down on “Happiness” today. The essence that is going to follow is wisely shared by my yoga master yesterday evening.

Everyone without exception seeks happiness. Each individual has his or her ways to obtain happiness.

Happiness can come in the form for acquiring and possessing material things including cars, branded handbags and watches, jewelries.

Happiness too can appear in the form of gathering of money and having lots of it.

To many, plastic surgery to defy aging and pursuit of beauty is happiness.

Happiness can be a reflection of having a title to one’s name.

Happiness to many is how others see, appreciate and admire them.

Most of these gratifications are instant, materialistic, temporary and can be lost in an instant.

If the above are what happiness are to these individuals, it is perfectly fine.

Let’s imagine what happens to these individuals, if they lost all their money, jewelries, admiration, conferred salutations, cars and beauty in an instance. These people would lose their individualities and destroy their own self-esteem that so much depended on these things. All the possessions and pursuits are for the satisfaction of their Egos. Once not there, they perceived that there is no longer any self-worth; there is no happiness left. To these individuals, there is no dependable support within themselves that they can fall back on once all those that they once treasured are no longer available to them. FEAR develops and destroys an individual.

Therefore, self-centered-ness is critically important to each one of us. We can build in a structure that centers happiness within ourselves without depending on those earthly possessions and external reference checks. As long as we are able to feel happy and know happiness is us to call upon and is inside us and it can appears each time we call upon it, we are going to be a very happier group of persons. Whenever there is pain, suffering, lost, misunderstanding, guilt, sadness we can immediately go deep within ourselves to seek that reliable happiness that can mitigate those negative feelings and thoughts. Gratification can be instantaneous.

The practice of the yoga processes including asanas, pranayama and meditation equips and lead ourselves to the attainment of happiness in ourselves . By being able to have that state of happiness, bliss and a positive fragrance glowing from within forms the foundation of being able to not FEARING.

is defined as a false emotion appearing real. When we remove fear we get rid of the fear of death. We are then able to separate and detach our mind, body, and all properties we are aligned to externally.

Pursue meditation. It is not a cult practice. It is not only meant for a select group of weird individuals. It is not a unholy or religious concept. Meditation is about strengthening our mind, building balance and a centered-ness within us. Without these strengths, our mind fluctuates wildly and harms our body in the form of stress, diseases and hallucinations. With all the health food, supplements and exercise we do, it would be really of no use if our mind is not stable and strong to provide the clarity and wellness that we seek when we either feel lost or requires inspiration.

Yes…take that first step to at least know what meditation is. That would be a start to bring a little magic into us. It has done wonders for my BEING. Believe me.