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Yes.!! It will soon be Valentine’s Day once again!! A day when love should be all around and meant for everyone. It is sad though to say that on this very day, there are many who are less fortunate. Think of the many children without parents and their numbers are more than ever before. Children whom have either lost both their parents or are being abandoned by their parents. The tragedies have they went through have lasting and very powerful influence on them. Many are going through their imprinting phase of their infancy and childhood years. The quality of their experiences during this years are going to mould and impact them into the sort of persons they are going to become when they grow up. Growing up to understand that they are still being cared for and being loved matters significantly. Only then would they be able to be developed into decent caring human beings who can in turn offer love, care and hope to the many others.

Yes. this coming season in February is an excellent opportunity for us we to do what we can to offer hope of miracles for these children. Let’s do our part no matter how small to help return some magic to their lives and make it a better world for them.