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What are cages?

There are the physical and tangible ones.

There are those that are imaginary and intangible.

There are many uses for these cages. Most of the time, we used them to contain animals and pets. We restrain birds from flying off and attached them to us. How sad!!

There are time when we used cages on ourselves. Yes…we do. We occasionally limit our capability. We restrain ourselves from stretching or going an extra mile. We create apparent fear to provide us an excuse or a reason to NOT want to do certain things. We constrain ourselves to achieve beyond our comfort zone. We limit ourselves to certain perimeters so that we remain comfortable, void of danger of facing risks.

Conclusion – Human Beings generally confine themselves to distant themselves for being in a comfort zone for reasons that each of us individually knows best.

Imagine for each passing day, just how the numerous times we build cages for ourselves. Living for the moment require spreading our wings and take flight. If only we take the courage to remove “FRIGHT” from our vocabulary, we would know how to enjoy every second of our day.

Take flight and lift of NOW!! From that perspective and angle, we will free ourselves from as little strings, attachments and cords as possible. We shall true live.

Let’s boldly spread our wings and fly.