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How time flies. It has been more than 10 days since I wrote. Time to come back.

Time” is an appropriate subject today. All of us are given time in equal measures. Each of us has our own meaning of “Time”. To some of us, “time” is “stress and pressure”. When we ran out of time, we begin to tear our hair out. “Time” to some means “money”. To others, time is “getting old”. There are many who would like to challenge “time” and hope to stay young.

To me, “time” is about “sharing”. Time is about not being alone and be selfish. Time is “sharing” mine and when I receiving in return is a smile that said it all.

There are many individuals whom “time” has is so precious. They are just living from moment-to-moment. Nothing to eat. Malnutrition, famine, droughts. Disease infesting condition. Aids, Ebola, Malaria.

There are also many people who live lavishly, eat excessive, spend extravagantly, waste sinfully.

How sad and unfair indeed that such a huge gap exist. The world system is never and can never ever be fair. There are governments and institutions that stock pile, burn and destroy feeds in the name of price control and economy.

When will countries and individuals come together to make this world a better one. I guessed not. Human beings are greedy by nature. Efforts of minority are always overwhelming by the majority. However, that doesn’t mean that the few of us can do anything. Just a little goes a long long way. “Time” is one commodity that we can certainly part and share so that we can add to the goodness of the minority and help those in need of that little help that can be offered.