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Today I’m going to share my thoughts on “Being”, “Doing” and “Having”.

Spirit –> Action –> Effect
Be –> Do –> Have

Have you ever wondering why we’re called Human BEINGS? We’re unlike animals and plants. Before an earthquake, animals would run to search for safety. We won’t fell the quake until it hits us. We’re often unconscious in reacting to changes in our environment. Most of the time we’re make environment suit us. We’re conscious of our consciousness!! Thus, we behave this way.

Look at the word “BEHAVE”. It’s really 2 words – BE and HAVE. In order for us to HAVE, we must BE. The gap between BE and HAVE is “DO”. Therefore, we must BE, in order that we can DO, so to HAVE.

Being is a very powerful state. When we’re being in the “BEING”, we conquer challenges, transform and transcend.

Most of us are busy with “DOING” and “HAVING”. We’re always doing to have this and that. We don’t have the time to lose. We work and work and work. Doing doing doing. The results is that we work to live and never realize that there is another potential – We live to work. We’re conditioned into working.

We’re obsessed by the constantly fascinating fashions of “must-have”. Status symbol including cars, credit cards, trendy clothes, fashion accessories, pets, property, exotic cars, and holidays are pursuit in the chase to having. We consume excessively. We go after materialism and are consciously having it every single living moment.

My belief is to know what I can be (BEING), have the passion to go for it (DOING) and ultimately arrive at my goal of HAVING. Only then I can happy have what I want.

An example. To be a healthy person, I’ll need to eat well and not excessively and to exercise. In so being and doing, I begin to have a body that I’ll be happy with.

In other words, a state of mind is the jump-start to having the love to do the things to reach the ultimately goal of having.

One’s worth is in BEING, not in DOING nor in HAVING. By just being in BEING, you can simply attract HAVING. If one can come to term with just being in BEING, DOING and HAVING come naturally or better still, DOING and HAVING are not longer important at all.

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