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Our materialistic world is full of dualities and contradictions. Without Pain we know not of Pleasure. Only when we welcome Pain, we know and appreciate the sheer essence of Pleasure.

I can’t agree with you more. If our hearts know not of Pain, how do we know there is Love?

If we don’t grow trees in our hearts, we’ll not let singing birds into hearts.

PeaceBella has puts it so well. Check out her blog for her posting that’s below and many her other inspirational thoughts.

Welcome Pain

It is the fire of suffering that brings forth the gold of godliness. ~ Madame Guyon

Pain knows no boundaries. The experience of loss may be universal, but how we deal with loss creates character. We have all been hurt. One we loved has disappointed us along the way. Old lovers, friends, and family have let us down at some point. Perhaps it was hwen we needed them most, or when we weren’t looking.

We have all also been slighted at one time or another in our jobs. All too familiar is the memory of a bruised ego as a result of not getting a promotion or deflated spirits when we weren’t recognized for our hard work.

Though it may not feel like it while in the throes of gut-wrenching pain, you grow and gain strength as you work through the loss, the hurt, and the confusion. Perhaps you learn to appreciate what you have after losing someone close to your heart. Maybe you feel strengthened by simply surviving the experience and not giving up. Maybe you discovered powers you never thought you had because you were able to actually help a close friend through her loss.

Pain teaches you in unexpected ways how to be wiser and stronger, how to face your fears and not run away from them, and how to strengthen your resolve to rise above loss and find the blessings in disguise.

It hurts to fall down and skin your knee. As a child, if you hadn’t fallen so often, you wouldn’t know the joy of riding a bike or even walking. Feeling pain is essential to feeling alive. The question isn’t how to negate it; rather, it’s how to face it head on and deal with it so you come out better on the other end.

Like many others, you may have a tendency to not allow a wound to heal. With emotional wounds, it takes time and forgiveness to let go of pain. Wallowing in loss, holding grudges, harbouring anger and resentment, and being judgmental of others will do no good. The pain, though it may be buried or hidden from view, lingers and chips away at your very soul.

To find peace of mind, you must come to terms with pain and its value and role in your life. Expect pain to occur in everyday life. Strive to learn from it. Recognize why you feel hurt. It’s alright to work your way through the loss and mourn. Then, give yourself time. Time heals.

With pain in your heart, there is no room for peace to enter.

Welcome peace by welcoming pain as a necessary teacher in life. Welcome peace by forgiving and moving on.