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Eating healthily and consciously are both essential habits that are good to inculcate. “We are what we eat” as the saying goes. How true. There are so many recommendations and programs out there in this world. Many have tried some and swear by them. Too many have also not found the right one. What exactly work? Food consumption is not everything. It is a great part of it. Other things are important too. Health is not wellness. Wellness comes with right food we eat, not missing exercises, being able to take pauses in our daily lives, treating others well and with respect and so on and so on. Remember. Developing the Mind, Body and Spirit…

Cherry shares an important aspect of her life in her blog. Great stuff!!

Cherry is a diet follower and currently living a low carb life. It is her goal to help others by sharing her knowledge of diet meals and tips. Good figure, good health, good life ! She does have plenty of good recommendation and experience to share. Visit her blog NOW. Click here.