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There are many of us who are good at different things. For a project, some of us are good are staring one up. Many of us are fabulous when we come to maintaining or running the project to see that it is going smoothly. There are many of us who are simply competent at stopping a project when it has to be done.

Consider treating a project exactly like a business. There are many who can create one business and then another and another. These individuals may not know how to manage the business.

Others would be very happy in operating the business with no idea how to start one up. They would run the business like clockwork and making it tick.

Then there are also many other people, when it has to be done, they have the guts to cease the business and call it a day. Haven’t we come across far too often with individuals who just couldn’t allow a non-viable or non-performing business to close down just for reasons it is too sentimental and to save face!!

Then there are some of us who are going at doing all 3 things or a couple of 3 things very well. We may be good at starting up a business and operating one and hopelessly bad at making a decision to stop it when it has to be done.

So I beg the question. Who are you? Which one or two or three are you? Offer your answer or answers in the poll panel below.

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