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I visited a distant poet’s (whom I got to know over the internet and now has become my recent friend) blog titled “Poem and Prints”. Allison’s blog is filled with nice poems and stuff. I recommend everyone to visit. Her most recent poem is so applicable in my blog so I thought of sharing it. Enjoy Allison’s poem about “Private Demon”. It exists in everyone one for us. This deals with a similar topic on “Parts Integration” I wrote back in March 2007

Come to me, I know who you are,
You can’t be far away.
Too close, haunting and wrecking my life,
Bad decisions are down to you.
Mind controlling, causing heartbreak,
Just waiting for me to cave in,
Give up the battle, no way.

Still here holding my ground,
Throw something else at me,
Keep me on my toes.
Panic and chaos, testing my nerves,
Laughing at what you’re putting me through,
Never afraid of anything but you.

My own private demon who I can’t name,
Existing together, but can never meet.
We’ve been in competition for so many years,
May it continue until you are reborn,
Then victory will be mine.

Allison M