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Below is an article that I picked up from Maggie’s blog and I’ve requested her permission to post it here to share with everyone.

It’s about – Loving Yourself.

Relationships are how we relate to others. We have a relationship with everyone that we know and who is close to us. This is not reserved for our family or someone who we are involved with. Every interaction we have with another is the act of relating.

If we have a problem relating to others, this affects our ability to have supportive relationships. We have to ask ourselves if our relationships are supportive and if they are not, then ask ourselves why they are not. Everyone wants the perfect romance or marriage, but not everyone looks at the mechanics of how to have one. If we fail to have supportive relationships in our life, how can we have the perfect relationship?


Lets look at what is a supportive relationship. The word support is very important. It means that our interaction supports another. This means more than supporting another in their decisions or actions, rather through the act of supporting, we honour and validate who the other person is. In turn, this validates who we are. Both are supported, no one loses, no ego’s involved, and in so doing, we honour the relationship. This is what it means to have a supportive relationship. This is the desired goal. Now, how do we accomplish it?


There are several reasons why we may have problems relating to others. One primary reason is our behavioural patterns. These patterns are developed over a course of our lives. It starts when we are children, through to our adolescence, and by the time we are adults, we have established our behavioural patterns for our relationships. We can have both positive and negative behavioural patterns.


What causes negative behavioural patterns? If we look at a person’s life, we can readily see which is negative or positive behaviour. But we may not easily see the cause of the negative.


The cause usually resides in the past in which a trauma or an event occurred that effects how we behave in the future. If that event occurs again, or if something happens currently to cause us to experience that trauma again, that is when we respond to it. Situations can act as triggers, which may cause us to react to the person that is involved in the situation. This causes a negative behavioural pattern. Until we can identify the problem, we are powerless to do anything about it.


Whatever the situation was to trigger a reactionary response, the cause must be discovered in order to heal the original fracture. In Shamanism terms this is called a Soul Fracture. A fracture of the Self. Each self is part of the whole which comprises the soul. Soul Fractures occur for a variety of reasons and may or may not relate to this current lifetime. Traumas have occurred in past lifetimes that may or may not have been addressed. The Soul holds the body of these life experiences. Furthermore, the life process itself can be very painful for some. Past experiences that have dishonoured, or invalidated who we are, cause us to close ourselves off even more. These experiences build up over a matter of time and unless a clearing occurs, emotional or physical problems may develop.


If a problem has been identified, what can we do about it? One can try to clear it themselves, or one can go to a practioner who is adept at doing clearings. In order to clear, one must identify the original cause that created a behavioural pattern. Then, move through the experience of that situation, and experience the emotions that we have associated with it. Then, we must have closure or completion. This means completing it anyway that we are able. As long as, we feel that we have a sense of completion for the experience.


So, after we have identified the cause and received closure or completion, then we let it go. This does not mean to forgive or forget, that is not what it is to release. The act of releasing is our readiness to heal. Only after the experience has cleared can healing occur.


The healing process is a time when we must be very loving to ourselves. If we beat up ourselves about the experience that had caused us harm or our past reaction to it, then we cannot heal. In being loving to ourselves, we validate what we had experienced at that time and our emotions for it. Our emotions are always valid. So it’s important for us to do this self validation in order to heal.


Love is the energy that helps us to heal, whether we give this love to ourselves, or we receive it from another. When we look at having supportive, loving relationships in our life, why not start with ourselves? Because that is where love comes from. This is what transforms our relationships and our lives. We must love the self first. And we cannot do that until we have healed and become whole.

There are plenty more wonderful articles that Maggie has written. Check it out HERE and enjoy.


How many of us let each second goes by without being aware of the seconds ticking past?

How many of us needed approval from people around us when we embark something?

How many of us attuned to those around us before we decide to act or not act?

Why is it so that before we act on something, we owe our decisions to others around us?

Are we not capable of making decisions for just us alone?

Why do we have to be so attached to things and people?

Can we just let go of our attachments, feel free, feel liberated?

Is it so difficult to let go of all the negative energies we possess and make room for the positive one to enter our lives?

To make days count, isn’t feeling free the greatest and only reason why we live our lives?

Enjoy life, this is not a rehearsal.

Live each day in the present and make it beautiful.

Heal the Past…Live in the Present…dream for the Future.

We’ve always had strong desire in each one of us to transform; to make changes to our lives. Come the new year, we make resolutions and most of these we’ll find difficult to keep those promises to ourselves.

Why is that so?

Is it because we’re so preciously attached to our comfort zone that we never want to let go; to make room for transformation can take place?

Or is it just because we do things that matter to others and we don’t have space at all for ourselves?

If we keep our baggages, how can we created new space for transformations to occurred.

Morgan is only fine example of how she decided to to let go and Healed her past, to let the Process of Miracles to seep into her life. I admire her greatly for the journey she has taken. By doing so, she has embraced a newly found self. A Present to Live for. Now Dream for your Future, Morgan.

Visit her blog and let me know what do you think…

My Yoga Master took time to share some of the texts below with me and the class when we completed our Kriya Yoga. I thought it is good to pass on the goodness I received. Enjoy.

When each one of us was born, we were like a piece of colourless cloth. Pure. From the very second we made our first cry, that piece of cloth started to be coloured. Our values and beliefs were all influenced and structured by our reactions and responses to our external world. As we become increasingly manipulated by the external consciousness, our internal well-being began to dissipate. We continuously lose our sense of centering.

When posed with a question, “Who do you think you are?”, many of us are unable to find an answer. In fact, confusion of our persona is real and find an answer is not possible. We have lost the Truth in us. We are not being able to be honest with ourselves and and being able of offer a truthful answer.

In our modern world, due to the various distractions and attachments, we could be completely lost to the world of greed, materialism and false reality. We rely on external opinions and views to judge who we are. We no longer determine ourselves who we are. Society dictates how we become ourselves. Therefore, within the course of a day, we could be what others want us to be many times over.

Our mind fluctuates constantly. It changes from moments to moments. It is never ever steady. We are unable to capture our mind’s process. One moment we could be conscious of this and just the very next, we are mindful of another idea. Uninvited thoughts!! Have you ever observed how the more pressure and stress you are under, the more that seems to be on your mind?

On the other hand, the more relaxed you are, the less you will have on your mind.

How is it ever possible to steady our mind? How can we empty and clear our mind, centre a stillness, a calm and silence to evade the busy world we incessantly associate ourselves with?

There is a way. Yoga can provide an answer if there is a desire to seek. You may ask, “What’s Yoga?”. In The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, Yoga is explained as a practice to still the patterning of the consciousness. Indeed, all that one does through is to seek a way to reach still our our conscious pattern. In so achieving that state, we can take a momentary glimpse of our unconscious with a hope to reveal and discover the truth of who we really are as an individual and be honest about our Being.

Man is born with a centre. Most of us never got to know of it or never know that it ever existed. He or she can live through life without knowing its existence. However, one can never live without it!! Not knowing its existence, you will be homeless; without root. Drifting as the fluctuating mind and temptations take over and take you here and there. You are passing time; carrying on with a deep slumber and a dream. And a frustration will build up and become a dark shadow that will be attached to you and follow you everywhere.

When a child is born and he or she is rooted at the navel centre. This is the only real centre throughout his or her life. A natural centre, the original center, not a by-product. The Japanese call it “Hara”, hence the word “hara-kiri”. Most of us do not know that the Hara existed. Observing a child’s breathing, his navel will go up and down. He or she breathes with the belly. He or she lives with the belly – not with the head, not with the heart. As the pure, colourless, stainless cloth get coloured, the child gets drift further and further away from the is natural centre.

A growing child will develop another centre – the Heart. The centre of emotion. This is not the real centre. The centre is a by-product. He or she will learn to love, he will be loved. If the child is not loved, he or she will not love. We all know this. Psychologists know this too. If a child is brought up in a non-loving environment with not love and warmth, he or she will never be able to love another person because this Heart centre has not been developed. We were not born with this centre. We have to develop it by growing the centre.

Therefore, in a busy world, parents are rarely able to offer quality love to grow a child’s Heart centre. Most parents like to think they do. In fact, not many do as they were brought up with less. Many offer materialism instead to replace quality love. Many parents go on producing children and know less how to offer their children a meaningful love centre. Over generations, the true meaning of love diminishes as each generation received less quality love and was not able to pass on more to the next.

As society thinks it is becoming civilized, the more it forces into being a third centre. The Head centre. This is reason, intellect, head. Education, logic and training create this third centre; another by-product. Just observe how much parents focus their effort and time to develop this Head centre. This becomes the basic force in life because the whole life depends on this centre. It is utilitarian. One needs it for reason, logic, thinking. So everyone becomes sooner or later – head-oriented. We begin to live in our heads!!

There are many men and women in this world who were never given a full opportunity to develop a Heart centre. Time was expanded growing the Head centre. The navel is the Being. The Heart is the Feeling. The Head is the Knowing. The link between the Heart and Navel Centres is missing or weak. Knowing is the furthest from the Being. If we miss the Feeling, it is challenging to bridge the Knowing and Being. That is the reason a loving person may realize his or her at-homeness in the world more easily than a person who lives through intellect.

A deep blissful moment occurs when we are able to touch our Hara or come near to the centre. A fine example is Sex. In sex sometimes you come near to the Hara because in sex your mind, your consciousness moves downwards. You have to leave your head. In a deep sexual orgasm, sometimes it happens that you are near your hara. That is why there is so much fascination about sex. It is not really sex which offers you the blissful ezperience. It is the Hara. You can never enjoy sex similar to the Hara, if sex is a cerebral affair in the Head. Sex is an experience. You cannot think about it. Reason is not needed.

Another fascination is Danger. Living dangerously throws you back to the Hara. You cannot think. You cannot work things out with the mind. You have to act immediately. You will have to have a no-mind. Thinking will mean death.

You are driving a car. Faster and faster and faster. Suddenly, a moment enters when every single moment is dangerous. Any moment and there will be death. In that moment of suspense, when death and life are just as near to each other as possible, 2 points just near and you in between, the mind stops. You are thrown into the Hara. That is why there is so much fascination with cars, driving fast and madly. That moment becomes mediative. A bliss erupts, explodes in you. It becomes a showering inside.

Yoga is therefore concerned with creating a rootedness in the Hara. Internal Centering while in consciousness. Seeking silence and discovering the honest deep truth of “Who Am I”. The Being.


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