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Something, somehow and sometime things unexpectedly happen. It’s a great feeling when such amazing occasions come about.

 Months ago, I came across this blog. When I browse through it was giving my goose pimples. The blog relates to someone young. At her age, she went through so so much. What is fabulous and magical is the fight she put up to transform. Who she is now is person world apart from whom she was not too long ago. She found the strength, determination, the greatness to move away from the effect and became the cause. She has become a girl with so much to hope, love and goodness to share. She has become who I named “my baby sister”. She is Mighty Morgan. A miracle!!

Yesterday I  invited Morgan to be a co-author with me for the Mind Body And Spirit blog. And this morning my “baby sister” agreed. I’m honored and happy. Read her blog and you’ll know what I meant. Morgan have a very touching blog. And see how well she writes too.

Toast to you, baby sister!! You’re special.